Often with large-scale projects it’s important to get off the ground to see the big picture.  While our timelapse cameras often take advantage of elevated positions around the site, we employ the use of a drones and manned helicopters to capture cinematic imagery from the air.

Bestmann Imagery uses drones to gain access to areas that would ordinarily be restricted from the ground, and achieve unique perspectives combined with dynamic camera movements. Our specially designed aircraft operate at low noise levels and are capable of flying at altitudes up to 121 metres (400 feet), or getting within 5 metres of the action without impacting operations.

Our drone pilot is fully licensed and certified with CASA and his years of experience flying drones brings a high degree of safety and reliability, delivering the fluid cinematic moves our video productions strive for.

For higher altitude aerial imagery where drones aren’t suitable, we use a manned helicopter with photographer or videographer on board. Using a helicopter allows us to capture more elevated perspectives and manually operate equipment to provide the highest quality still and video images.