The ability to present information succinctly is essential in today’s busy world.

Timelapse photography cuts through the constraints of real time video and delivers a viewer experience unlike any other. Whether it’s construction techniques, machine processes, weather/temperature changes or other challenges encountered by a project, timelapse photography can demonstrate the unique elements of a project concisely.

A cost-effective option for capturing long-term projects from start to finish, Bestmann Imagery uses timelapse photography to track the progress of construction and mining projects around Australia.

We use a fixed camera system to offer timelapse services including:

  • Remote live-viewing of the images via a standard internet connection
  • Downloadable high-res image libraries
  • Marketing-ready still images
  • On-demand video compilations of a project to date

The timelapse library compiled on your project will also allow you to share images with your colleagues and clients, and search for images from specific time periods.