Liebherr T282 c – Ultra Class Haul Truck Assembly

Bestmann Imagery captured the construction of the dump body, arrival of international parts and transport of the Liebherr T282 C mining truck from the Port of Brisbane to the assembly site in North Queensland.

Manufactured in Germany, the USA and Australia the truck combines a high horsepower diesel engine with an efficient Litronic Plus AC drive system to maximize productivity and minimize fuel consumption. Engineered to be strong, durable, and lightweight, this mining truck enables reduced cycle times and offers the highest payload to empty vehicle weight (EVW) ratio in its class.

The component parts were transported separately by road over a distance of 985 kilometers. Using a mix of video footage and time-lapse photography Bestmann Imagery’s cameras each captured more than 800 work hours getting the truck ready for its commissioning. It was then transported a further 314 kilometers from the Mackay build pad to site where it was reassembled and had its tray installed. It was then driven onsite and immediately put into action by the open cut coal mine that purchased it in northern Queensland.

Video and photography equipment was attached with magnets on both stationary and moving infrastructure to get a unique and close up range of imagery for compilation.

The project took 4 months of planning, filming and editing and required coordination with key suppliers including Liebherr, NQ Transport, Austin Engineering, Port of Brisbane, Qube, Wallaneius Wilhelmsen.